303 - Friday Favs Top 10

March 30, 2012
Perler bead birthday cards! So simple but so cute!

Crochet animal busts.

Knitted pug? Yes please! It'll do till I get the real thing.

I know Christmas is miles away, but how cute is this little guy?

Very cute bunny from Feeling Stitchy. Need to make before Easter!

A crochet crochet hook? Wow!

Needle felted peeps. So cute!

This awesome fabric basket. I don't know what I would keep in it but I'm sure I would find something.

The pattern for this milk carton. I tried to win on over the weekend on Knit Relief from Teen Granny but alas I was outbit. Need to learn how make my own now!

Cute Hellboy crochet.

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  1. The pug is sooooo cute I've had to source the pattern on etsy for purchasing :D I don't knit in the round yet though so it'll be a challenge :S

  2. Yeah he's amazing! I really want to wait till I can like actually purl stitch before I start buying patterns like a mad woman.

  3. I've got the pattern now :D I'm half way to a pug! And you don't need to purl for him, he's all knit. I've had to learn how to knit in the round though and I'm about to try the magic loop :S Eeeep!!

  4. Oh nice! Well I can't knit in the round either (not that I've tried). ha ha.

  5. It's been not too bad so far...easier than some of the colour work I've done. I get bored really easily so it keeps things interesting for me :D


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