302 - I am an idiot.

March 28, 2012
This is just a short post to do exactly what it says in the title and call myself an idiot.


See this? This was my first ever attempt at stitching on evenweave. I showed it off last week when talking about my Mother's Day crafting and damning evenweave for the useless fabric it is. As you can see, it was tiny and I gave up because 1) I found it very hard to find where the needle was supposed to go and 2) I didn't like how small it was turning out! So I turned back to my ever faithful Aida. 

However, today I was reading Little Lovelies blog, and she has just started a lovely little "How to Cross Stitch" series. Even though I think I know how to cross stitch, I checked it out anyway. I love reading about crafts, and it's always nice to see other people's takes on things. 

Her first post in the series is called basic supplies and goes over everything you need to start cross stitching, fabric included. Check out this photo from the series.

Image via
"Aida (on the left) is a stiffer fabric and is worked one stitch per square. Evenweave (on the right) is similar to linen and is worked over two threads, as you can see illustrated above."

So I am a moron because I wasn't working my floss over two threads on my evenweave, which explains why it ended up half the side! No one has ever told me this before! I've flicked through countless books, magazines and blogs on cross stitch and I swear this is the first time anyone has ever told me that evenweave should be worked over two threads!

So thank you Little Lovelies for making me realise I've been so stupid and for making give evenweave another shot! I had sworn off it after my first attempt at using it, but now I'll give it a second change and see if I can use it properly.

And I highly recommend you check out the how to cross stitch series (even if you think you know how to) because it's always nice to learn something new!


  1. Oooh I want to learn how to cross stitch - am going to look at her blog!


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