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This is my 300th post! How exciting! I thought I would spend it telling you what I've been lusting over recently in terms of the craft world. And hey, it's my birthday in May, so if anyone needs any ideas *hint hint*. Warning, this is a long post. I want all the craft.

Camera bag pattern.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. I can't really sew patterns right? Well this is true, but I'm hopefully attending my sewing class in April, and so hopefully I'll have more mad skills to show off once I'm done. This camera bag is so lovely. I saw the link to it on Sew Tara and totally fell in love. My camera live in a sock right now, so I think this would be amazing for it.

Japanese Embroidery books.

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Okay, I know what you're thinking. I don't speak Japanese, right? Yes that is true. I read about Japanese embroidery books last week on We Love French Knots and Wild Olive is also starting to do a series on some books she just bought. While I can't speak the language, I've been assured that the pictures are enough to go on and I am just loving those patterns! Also check out the applique sloth in the last photo. So cute I could die! They just don't look like any patterns I get in the UK, and I'm loving them.

Heart-Felt Holidays by Kathy Sheldon and Amanda Carestio.

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Last year around Christmas time I bought myself the book Fa La La La Felt by Amanda Carestio. While my boyfriend slagged the name off, I was in love with this book. I never got around to making anything from it last year, but this year it is high on my Christmas make list. I love felt. It's a material that doesn't scare me, it's cheap and it comes in a lost of colours. I also just feel comfortable cutting it, where as I sometimes get doubt when cutting regular fabric.

I saw this book was coming out a couple of weeks ago, again thanks to Sew Tara, and I'm actually in a giveaway over on Wild Olive right now try and win it. It's on my Amazon wish list, but when I realised it contained the pattern for Wild Olive's Groundhog phone case (the first pattern that actually lead me back to my beloved Wild Olive) I was very excited. Everything just looks so cute! If I don't win this book, I will definitely be buying it the minute it comes out in the UK.

A yarn bowl.

Okay so I don't knit on enough of a regular basis to make this a needed item, but I love it!

This washi tape printer.

I featured this a couple of weeks ago in my Top 10 Friday Favs post, and I still love. Seems expensive to get it shipped to the UK, but imagine how cute it would be.

Glue gun set.

Since I bought my glue gun a little while ago I've been feeling a mix of two emotions. 1) Woo this makes my crafting so much easier. 2) Ow my bloody fingers hurt! That burns!

Yes, I am quite bad for burning myself on a number of things. Right now I'm sporting a nice one on my arm from when I got too excited about dinner in the oven and just dove my arms in, forgetting the shelf above would also be quite hot. I feel I need this set in order to save my fingers.

This crochet pattern.

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As you may know, I currently feel my life will not be complete unless I own a yeti and a Bigfoot (they have to be matching). I don't know why I feel this way. But I do. I saw this pattern a while ago when I was making a knitted treasury on Etsy and I've wanted to buy it ever since. Of course the fact I can't crochet at all hasn't put me off. But to be honest they are the cutest Bigfoot/yeti combo I have come across yet, so my crochet skills need to be awesome! And then all will be well.

Badge Maker. 

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I'm not even joking! I would love to be able to make my own badges, and this kid's version seems like a perfect, cheap way to do it. I think it would be a great way of making little extras to pop in with craft swap goodies too.

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