285 - Winning!

March 08, 2012
I've been putting off posting pictures of some competitions I won because I won three all within a week of each other (lucky or what?!) but only two have arrived. As it's getting the stage where it's been a couple of weeks since I won, I thought I would just post about them while I remember!

First up I won some lovely wool from Let's Knit magazine on Twitter! I was very excited to win and honestly this wool is so beautiful. My boyfriend can't really understand how I can think wool is so lovely, but it really is. Especial because most of the stuff I buy myself is on the cheaper side.

My favourite is the third ball, which is a lovely light creamy colour, with pastel colours running through it. It's also so soft! Nom! 


Secondly, I won a lovely vintage sewing pattern from a competition on Monkeysocks Learns to Sew. There were a number of patterns up for grabs, and I picked this one, and won! I love the dress styles in this pattern. They are so cute! Hopefully I'll be able to actually make them soon.


Finally, my third prize (which is yet to make its way from America) is one of these lovely badges from Feeling Stitchy.

Image via
I'm not sure which one is making its way to me, but hopefully it's safe!

So as you can see, I was a very lucky crafter for a fortnight or so! Entering competitions on blogs and Twitter is always worth it!


  1. Big congratulations!!Ive actually never won a competition in my life!Maybe I need to start entering away!xxx

  2. Ha ha I just enter like everything I like the prize for! I seem to go though periods of being extra lucky :) x


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