284 - New ideas

March 07, 2012
At the weekend, me and the boy went to Hobbcrafy, because HE actually wanted to go! He needed fabric paint for some derby t-shirts, so of course, I went with him. I picked up a couple of things for some new ideas I've got, which I hope to get started on as soon as I've finished all this crafting for other people!

This is quite a small haul for Hobbycraft, but I think it shows my control is getting better!

The little owl is a row counter I got free in Simply Knitting! I like it a bit better than I one I have, because when I last used the one I have when I was making a scarf, I twisted it the wrong way and then got all confused.

I bought this lovely brown speckled wool, called sparrow, simply because I just loved it so much. I was thinking I could make a scarf with it and the light pink wool of the same make I bought last week. I think they would look lovely together. Either that or I've been trying to learn the purl stitch properly so that I can make a lovely knitted hair bow from one of my knitting magazines.

Finally, I bought this plain shopping bag because I want to make this shopper.

I've had this shopper on my Pinterest account for months now, and it wasn't till I was looking through my copy of Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection last week for possible ideas for my Wild Olive embroidery swap that I realised it was actually in the book! I've had the pattern on my bookshelf the whole time!

I clearly never clicked through to the source page on Pinterest, because it tells me right there it's from Doodle Stitching. Silly me! Either way, I now have the pattern, so I'm very happy!

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