283 - Craft room organisation

March 06, 2012
So aside from my epic crafting over the weekend, I also did some craft tidying. Craft and organisation are my two favourite things ever, so doing them at the same time is literally the best.

First off I sorted out my wool. I have a lot of wool of the same brand, so I labelled all the ones that are missing labels so I knew which brand they belong to (while I can remember!). 

I think moved all my wool out of my little rose print knitting basket and into a big tote bag, so they all fit together. I also popped a little plastic folder in there, so I can keep wool labels (one for each brand) so I still have all the details and stuff. 
Then because I had my lovely rose print knitting basket free, I swapped it with my not so glamorous Asda bag for life, which is my current in progress bag which sits in our living room.



This is a much better shape and I put everything in it I'm actually working on. Very happy!

I also tidied up my huge craft box, my fabric bag and my basket of craft kits I still need to make. Everything looks a lot prettier now. Very happy!

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