282 - Crafty time off update

March 05, 2012
So as you'll know if you saw this post last week, I was off on Thursday and Friday, and I wanted to spend that time and the weekend doing lots of crafty things. I set myself a huge list! Let's see how I go on! Unfortunately a lot of the things I made I can't show you just yet as they are for other people. Boo!

  • Finish Mother's Day crafting.
I finished one part of this, and made some progress on another, but I'm not totally finished.
  • Finish all Pay it Forward gifts.  
Done! These have all been posted (apart from one which I may be handing over in person or getting their address, not sure!).

  • Sort out recipe book. 
Started but not done! I wanted to move all my snipped recipes into a lovely hand written recipe book my Mum bought me for Xmas in 2010. I started this on Saturday night, but after 3 days of crafting, my hands really weren't up to it! 
  • Write up new chores list for flat. 

Wild Olive printables - Chores list

  • Sort craft supplies (they are a mess again!).  
Done. I'll post about this tomorrow as I'm aware this post is very long already.
  • Make pouch for crochet hooks.
Done! You can find the tutorial for this pouch here.

Felt pouch for crochet hooks

Felt pouch for crochet hooks
  • Make second Wolf Boner embroidery.  
Started but not finished! 
  • Do some more crochet school lessons. 
Unfortunately I did none of these! I'm still on lesson one! A to-do for this week for definite.
  • Make 2 derby birthday cards. 
Done! But again I can't show you! Boo.

And finally, I made one thing off my extras list. I wanted to make this.

And here is my version.

Embroidered menu

So I didn't finish everything, but I think I made a good attempt! How was your weekend?


  1. WOW what a productive weekend you had! I've been ill so have had an unproductive time! xxxx

  2. Ha ha wait till you see my Pay It Forward stuff, I was like MEGA productive. Four days of straight crafting were defo amazing, though I did spend quite a lot of time playing Xbox or I could have got more done ha ha! x

  3. I got my Pay it Forward gift today :) thank you! Seriously love everything!


  4. Wow! That was fast! I know you're in Edinburgh tooo but still! Go Royal Mail! I'm glad you like everything :) It was a lot of fun to make :D x


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