281 - Sewing class

March 04, 2012
One of things I would love to be able to do, but I can't really do, is sew. When I say this, I mean like sewing clothes and being able to do things like adding zippers and buttons, and following dress making patterns.

As I read Sew magazine, and get dress making patterns free every month, I have quite a collection of lovely clothes which I (as yet) can't make.

So a week or so ago, a fellow blogger Gina, over at She Blogs Too, tweeted about a sewing class at Out of the Blue Drill Hall in Leith, and I was automatically interested.

The class is six weeks long during April and May, and is aimed at beginners who want to learn just the sort of sewing skills than I want to learn! Here's a snippet from the class details.

What you will learn:
How to use a sewing machine, a variety of stitches, different seams and
techniques on how to construct basic garments, how to read a pattern and
how to lay your patters ready to cut.

Eek! So excited! I get to bring my own machine too, which I think will be fab for me getting to know it better. It's costing me £70 for the 6 weeks, which I think is awesome! And hopefully April and May will be filled with awesome updates from my sewing class.

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