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February 27, 2012
As you may know, I'm a bit of a craft magazines addict. I currently buy 5 magazines all the time (Cross Stitcher, Cross Stitch Crazy, World of Cross Stitch, Mollie Makes and Sew), which has left me with a huge pile of magazines in the corner of my living room and a pile of free gifts that makes me worry if I'll ever get around to making them all. Apart from that, it costs a lot of money! I also dabble in the odd knitting magazines or general craft magazine, depending on how I'm feeling.

For Christmas I got a subscription to Cross Stitcher from my mum and I have to say it's awesome not having to go out and buy it, and worry about not getting it. Cross Stitcher is one of my favourite craft magazines, because I love all the patterns in all the issues and the free gifts are too cute!

I decided I was going to take a look at the magazines I bought now and only pick the ones I really liked and subscribe to them as well.

Mollie Makes hasn't been going that long, and to be honest I wish I had bought it from the beginning, but I only started buying it a few issues ago. The features are lovely, the makes are to die for, and the free gifts are some of the cutest out there. And as a gift for subscribing I got this book free, along with a couple of crochet hooks!

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Next up we have Sew. I love Sew, because not only are loads of project super cute, but it encourages me to get better/trying at all to make some clothes.

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It has a nice mix of traditional sewing projects with things like cross stitch and embroidery thrown in too. I remember when I bought my first issue, I wasn't convinced I would buy any more, but I went back month and month and I love it. I also love peeking into other people's craft rooms on the last page!

Also as a bonus I got this lovely book free.

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I already have the first Sew a Metre book, so this one looks quit exciting also, and it'll be fun to see how to use different fabrics.

So those are my core three magazines each month. However, this means I've had to lose Cross Stitch Crazy and World of Cross Stitch. There was nothing really long with these magazines, as I've been buying them for about a year, but I thought I only really need to buy one cross stitch magazine. With these two magazines, I find there are a few patterns I really like, but the rest are just quite normal, unlike Cross Stitcher where I literally want to make everything!

So I now have one cross stitching magazine, 1 sewing magazine and 1 general craft magazine. A nice mix. I'm very happy, and excited for the arrival of my lovely free books!


  1. OOOO! WHat amazing subscriptions you have! I only subscribe to Cross Stitcher (how crazy that my year long subscription reminder is up!) although have been tempted to subscribe to Mollie for a while as I do buy it every month. I love those two books you got too! My friend has the sew a metre book and friends it really good! I have yet to master a sewing machine (should probably get lessons?!) so probably shouldnt get it yet!xxxx

  2. Even though it was a lot of money at the time, it'll save me money in the long run AND I got some lovely free books. My crochet one came in the post today. It's amazing :D x


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