273 - Craft shopping

February 25, 2012
So last Friday I was having a fail day at work, and so to make myself feel better, I ordered some lovely crafty things online. Well they all came last week, so I thought I would show them off.

First off, I bought myself all the crochets hooks! Well not quite, but quite a lot of them. The case were crochet hooks I had wanted for a while (as you can see from this post) but decided to buy some bigger sizes in plastics too. I got them from Purplelinda Crafts and I got an awesome free purple pen too. Win!




Next up I bought myself a couple of things from Sugar Cookie on Etsy, which I mentioned as one of my favourite shops in this post. I had to take a number of photos of the packaging of this parcel because everything was so cute. I had to take the first photo on my phone at work before I tore into things.



Bad paint job to get rid of my address!

Cute notes and a free badge!
Froggy tissue holder

With free tissues!
Flossy! My little dog bobbin. I love him already.
So what have we learnt here? Well when I'm stressed, I eat cheese or craft shop. Both are awesome.

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