266 - Mini crafts

February 18, 2012
So when this blog post goes out, I will be in Dundee, getting ready to play my first ever roller derby bout! HOLY COW!

But in the meantime, why not check out some mini crafts I made on Thursday night.

The first thing I made, literally took 10 minutes, and was a lovely needle case that I got free in Mollie Makes a couple of issues ago. All I literally needed to do was do a running stitch up the middle to join the cardboard and the felt! Boom! And it looks lovely. I'll be keeping it in my embroidery/cross stitch bag in case I ever needle some proper sewing needles.

Needle case

Needle case

My second make was a brooch shaped like a piece of toast. Why I hear you ask? I'm not sure. I posted a tutorial from Pinterest a couple of weeks ago that was a cute piece of toast keyring, which I would quite like to make, but I've had brooch backs for a while and not done anything with them. I decided a quick, cute little felt piece of toast would be awesome. Here he is.

Felt toast brooch

I also have some magnets I've been wanting to use to make fridge magnets for a while now, so I might make some mini food themed ones to go on the fridge now I know it's easy.

And if you like the look of my handmade goodies, why not sign up for my Pay It Forward here. I still have spaces left before I hit the 5 limit! Get involved!


  1. That toast brooch is adorable! :)

  2. Good luck with your roller derby debut! I hope it ends up being as cool as it sounds!

  3. Hee hee thank you. Anything with a face on it is cute :)

    And thanks! It was awesome. Though I'm so tired now!

  4. OH my goodness, I never knew toast could be so darn adorable! Awesome work!


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