265 - Friday Favs Top 10

February 17, 2012
Another collection of lovely Pinterest things.

Wooly ovaries anyone?

Needle felted Adventure Time! Oh yes!

Needle felted Jabba the Hut is so cute.

Awesome fridge magnets!

Simple, but cute, egg bunny.

Oh dear lord how cute is this moth?

Pattern weights! Very cute and totally useful! Getting added to my list of things I need to make.

Amazing snail measuring tape.

These cute Gameboy perler bead fridge magnets.

Leek brooches anyone? These are amazing.

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  1. Just found your blog--hello from a fellow crafty derby girl :) Love those magnets!!

  2. Woo! Crafty derby girls are the best! :)

    I want to make them but I'd feel sad cutting up toy animals :'(

  3. Wooly ovaries - amazing!!

    Tagged you here - http://teapotsandchatter.blogspot.com/2012/02/11-things-meme.html Xoxo


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