263 - Pay it Forward

February 15, 2012
So last April I had a bit of an emo time of it. I had just started blogging really, and jumped in with both feet. Along with trying to do my blog in an awesome fashion, I was also doing Pay it Forward, crafts swaps, making things for tutorials and competitions and being sponsors on other blogs. It was hard work. I had decided I was going to do a giveaway at 50 followers but as the number of my followers started to creep up, I realised I wouldn't have the time to do a giveaway (you can read the whole emo post here).

Well yesterday night I hit 50 followers for the first time, and decided I should do my giveaway, as my emo-ness has calmed down since April. However, I had no idea what I was going to giveaway. A while ago I had talked about a free copy of Northern Lights I was given which I supposed to give away once I had read (see here) but I bought part two of the trilogy on holiday and now I know that if I like them, I won't be able to give it away (as I horde books I love, see other post here). As I've not read them yet, that is still undecided.


I decided to do Pay It Forward as a big thank you to all my lovely follwers! I signed up to Pay It Forward on the lovely Elycia's blog last month, and have been saving my post for a little while now. Well what better time to do it than at 50 followers! I'm finally getting round to doing the giveaway I promised (even if I fail for maybe keeping the book I was maybe going to give away ha ha!).

So here are the rules!

  • The first five people to leave a comment with their email address will be my lucky five and will receive something lovely and handmade from me!
  • You must have a blog to enter, just so this can be passed on through your blogs. Please leave your blog URL.
  • Once you have signed up to mine, you should pass it on through your blog, and do it for another 5 lucky people. 
After I have 5 lovely blog owners, I'll email you for more details, and then try and get your parcels to you ASAP!



  1. Congrats on getting 50 followers! I think I've been reading since not long after you started.

    e-mail: courtneynobody@gmail.com
    blog: http://nobody-too.blogspot.com

  2. I so love this idea... I need to have this on my blog!

    I doubt I'll reach 5 people as I only have 25 GFC followers, but even if I get one I'll be happy :D

    I think I was following you on my old account not long after April time last year, so I've also been a reader for a while! Loving your blog.


  3. Awesome! I'm going to keep pimping this until I hopefully get 5 :) but I'll email you ASAP to get addresses/details of what you like :)

  4. Hi Kim! I want in. Been meaning to comment for a couple days now and always got caught up at work!


  5. Right, okay. I'm going to give it a go... my one might have to wait until after I've moved into my new house though! x

  6. aww love it! i want in ;)


  7. Awesome! That's all 5. WOO! I'll send out an email laters :) Thanks guys.

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