262 - Valentine's Day

So now Valentine's Day is upon us, I can finally show you the crafts I made for my other half! Woo!

First up we have the card. Nothing too soppy, but still a nice thought behind it.

Valentine's Day card

I got the drawing from here.

Next up we have the pressie. I decided to make him an Evil Dead book of the dead iPod case as it's his favourite movie. I mentioned this idea a while back when I bought all the felt for it. I was thinking of doing it as a tutorial (which I also mentioned at the time) but to be honest, I spent so much time making it up as I went along, I decided just to make it and hope it turned out nice (which I think it did).

Evil Dead iPod case

Evil Dead iPod case

Evil Dead iPod case

Finally, we have the lovely card and pressie the boy got me.


An awesome Hummingbird Bakery cupcake kit! I've already found the cupcakes that are going to be my February bake! Just lovely that he got me a crafty pressie.


The inside of the card read "I hope he stays away from your face because I think you are hot." I think our taste in homemade cards is quite similar.

As I had skating tonight, tomorrow we will be eating steak and chips, watching Valentine and wrestling. Lovely!


  1. Love your sense of humours!I go away for a week and missso many good posts from u!Danny it!Including your pay it forward!xxx

  2. Ha ha we're clearly meant for eachother. No-one else would have us! :P Aww I didn't realise you were away :( Hope you had a nice time :D x


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