260 - Felt love

February 12, 2012
So yesterday I got my craft on quite a bit. I had a couple of fails (burnt shortbread (damn oven) and an attempt at a perler bead picture which ended up going wrong and I gave up) but I did actually manage to make some things!

I finished the boy's Valentine's day card (which I obviously can't show you), which I think it awesome! I also made a couple of felt lovelies.

First off we have this cute felt bookmark from Honey & Thread. So easy but so cute.
Felt bookmark

Felt bookmark

Next we have this awesome felt hair bow from my blog crush, Wild Olive. I had to make mine a little bigger because this comb I had left over from when I did hairdressing at college (I had to make a comb crown for a competition) was a lot bigger than the one Wild Olive used.
Felt haircomb

Felt haircomb

Finally, I put my name and number on my roller derby t-shirts in preperation for the bout next week! Eek! I had some numbers left over, so I popped a set on my derby wife skirt, just to make it look awesome.




Phew busy day! Would have been even more so if I'd actually managed to bake the shortbread/make the perler bead thing!

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