259 - Hotdog Princess and goodies!

February 11, 2012
Now yesterday I posted this awesome pattern from one of my favourite blogs, Dork Stitch.

I love Adventure Time, and Hot Dog Princess is one of my favourite characters. I knew I had to make it straight away. Because I wasn't sure what to cross stitch it on, I decided to perler bead it instead.

Check it out!

Perler beads Hot Dog Princess

She might not look so big, but check out her next to my hand!


In other goodie related news, I went to Hobbycraft this week, and picked up some lovely things. Some of which I went in with the intention of getting, and other ones just called out to me because they were having a massive clearance event.

This latch hooking plush kit! What on earth! It was down to £13.99. I had to buy it. It can be one of my Christmas makes.

Felt for this pie plush, tiny duck magnets and heat n bond I can actually sew through.

A lovely quilling kit, so I can try more quilling. It was only around £4.50.

Finally more perler beads. Hobbycrafts own range are £1.99 a bag or 2 for 3 right now. I got these awesome colours, though there were loads more to choose from.

Donald is going to be out quite a lot this afternoon, so I shall be getting my craft on. Hopefully lots of things to show you tomorrow (though I need to work on his Valentine's Day card which will obviously be a secret till Tuesday!).


  1. That perler bead project is so huge- I never imagined that pattern being used for it, but it came out to such an impressive scope! Thanks very much for making her! ^^ Also, your blog always makes me envious of Hobbycraft! At first, I thought I had the money conversion wrong on the beads, so I went and used a calculator, and it turned out they really were that nice of a deal, especially for the specific color packs~!

  2. Ha ha yeah I knew she would be huge when I made her, but I wanted her like right away, so I thought perler beads were the faster option over cross stitch :) I'd still love to cross stitch her, but she's looking awesome! Yeah Hobbycraft can be expensive for some things, but their own brand stuff is usually really cheap and really good. :) x


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