258 - Friday Favs Top 10

February 10, 2012
More Pinterest love. I wish I could craft all the time.

This cute math plush.

Felt flowers.

Lovely knitting bag.

Lovely pot holder. Great for carrying dishes to other people's houses.

Cute hen edging.

Hot Dog Princess cross stitch pattern from the amazing Dork Stitch.

A Pinterest pin cushion? Craft spooge.


Amazing coloured marker roll. So cool.

This awesome date stamp! I don't scrapbook but I think I need it.

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  1. Those felt flowers are so pretty! I wonder if making them is as easy as it sounds? Also, thanks for including Hot Dog Princess in your pins! ^^

  2. Yeah they look quite easy! I hope they are. You're welcome. Check out tomorrow's post. Hot Dog Princess gets a lot of love. :) x


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