257 - Valentine's Crafts

February 09, 2012
Whether you love or hate Valentine's Day, it happens, and it's everywhere! I have to say, I do quite enjoy Valentine's Day. It's just a nice day to spend with my boyfriend. This year I'm making him both a card and his present, so it's quite exciting. While I'll be skating on Valentine's Day (second last practise before the bout, I have to go), we'll probably go for/order a mad amount of dinner on the Wednesday night and generally have a nice coupley time.

While I've already got my present made and my card idea sorted, I've still be looking at some awesome Valentine's day crafts! Being single doesn't mean you can't get exciting about Valentine's day and it's a nice excuse to make a present for anyone in your life you love.

So check out my favourite Valentine's Day makes. You've still got plenty of time to make them!

I'm not going to lie! I totally plan on making that Wild Olive plush pie for myself soon! It's too cute not to! Are you making any Valentine's Day crafts?


  1. Fortune cookies are amazing! Totally making these! Xoxo

  2. Excellent work. All the crafts look awesome. Love them all.

    Valentines Day Crafts


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