255 - Crochet school

February 07, 2012
So...crochet. Knitting has long been the downfall of me as a crafter. But over the last year, I feel I've got the hang of it (well a little bit anyway...I made a scarf!). But crochet has proved not as easy.

Crochet was on my New Year's list last year, and while I did at least make a dent in the knitting resolution, the crochet one remained untouched. I think I had two nights (both sessions at my mum's because she can crochet) where I sat with a hook and a book and tried to figure it out, but it was having none of it.

Well no more (hopefully).

Yesterday, while looking through some other blogs, I eventually found myself on the blog Crafty Minx, which I actually already follow, and her amazing Crochet School series.

In 23 lessons, including a test or two and a downloadable diploma, you should be able to do basic crochet! Having flicked through the lessons, I have to say they look amazing. My many crochet books seem to be failing me, and maybe once I have a basic understand of how to do it from nice pictures and videos, I'll be able to "get" my books!

So I'm going to try my hand at Crochet School. I'll keep you up to date with my progress.


  1. I know just how you feel. As a long time knitter, I was eager to get into crochet. I bought kits, books...and I'm still not great at it. While I can do the basics, my pieces don't always come out as evenly as I'd like (particularly in half-double crochet, for some reason). I always end up giving up and going back to knitting, which I'm much better at. Why make a wonky hat in crochet when I can make a near perfect knit hat? Someday I'll make more of an effort to improve my crochet skills.

    Good luck to you!

  2. Ah lovely! I can knit but have never attempted to crochet... do fancy it though. x

  3. Ha ha thanks! My mum can crochet and I'm well jealous. I just want to be able to do like granny squares and things. I'd like to be able to do little toys and stuff too but they look quite complicated.

  4. My god thats an amazing tutorial series!i cannever "get past the chain", it always looks wrong and I get frustrated!This has encouraged me to try to persevere!I find knitting easier but u cant make as cute stuff like amigurimi or decorations!xxx

  5. I know right! I saw it and thought it just looked so pretty. I'm going to get cracking at the weekend (hopefully, as I have Valentine's and mother's day things to be making!). x


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