254 - Decoupage

February 04, 2012
So the other day I got a decopatch decoupage kit (I think decopatch is the name of the actual brand as opposed to the activity, but I might tend to get the names mixed up).

Yesterday I had the day off work, and decided it would be really fun to get some vomiting bug. Lovely. Today I've recovered enough to get my craft on, so I decided to try my decoupage kit.

decoupage pig

decoupage pig

After I'd done my lovely little pig, I had loads of paper left over, and the kit suggested that I used the rest of the paper to cover the box the kit had come in as a keepsake box. So I decided to do just that, and use the box to keep my decoupage supplies in.

decoupage box

I have to say it was quite fun to do, though I do think it's quite an expensive craft (my little kit was £15 from Amazon, though it did come with everything I needed,) so I'm not sure how often I would do it, but I'm very proud of my little piggy, and it's definitely something I would do again.

Oh, and this is my first post from my lovely laptop! It's very pink and pretty.

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