248 - New projects

January 28, 2012
Today I did something I don't do very often. I found a project in a book I wanted to make, and then I wrote down everything I needed for it (specific thread colours and everything) and went to Hobbycraft and bought it!

Usually I try and get by on what I've already got, and usually just pick colours that are close to the ones in the pattern. But I decided for this one, I was going to do everything right.

I bought some evenweave, which I've never worked on before, and a huge selection of DMC thread, all of which are lovely colours! The only one I couldn't get was pale peach, so I picked a colour which I thought was close, and when I checked it later, it turned out I'd picked up light peach. Quite close me thinks!


I also bought some nice felt for a project/present/tutorial I'm thinking of trying!


Unfortunately that's all I can't tell you about these projects right now! But they will be awesome!

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