247 - Friday Favs Top 10

January 27, 2012
So a lot of the blog's a follow do a Friday Favourite post, where they post the best things they've found over the past week. I don't have any regular features on my blog (apart from New Year's Resolutions updates) so I thought it might be fun to start one!

I'm a Pinterest addict, so all my photos will be from there (I'll make sure to do only do ones from this week though for my first one!). It'll also encourage me to pin more. Win win!

Cute hair clip.

Spock pot holder.

Embroidery hoop supplies holder.

Valentines' craft chocolate box.

Cute bee embroidery.

Food mixer quilt.

Amazing plush tacos!

Cute crochet dragon.

Fox sewing pattern.

This amazing Cath Kidston knitting bag.

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1 comment:

  1. I love your cute bee embroidery, It will look devine on a white pillow slip don't you think? or even on the edge of a sheet. Ever since we got my gran a little Tracfone SVC cell phone she calls us allot and then says she hasn't got that much to do. But I'm thinking this embroidery would be great for her to try, it's therapeutic, makes you think of happy and beautiful thoughts and she can then make a simple white pillow slip look luxurious and it will make a divine gift.
    I also think now that you can give embroidery tasks to do to the underprivileged and pay them for each pillow slip they embroider for you.
    Thank you for the wonderful ideas on your blog, it is an inspiration to us.
    I must just locate an embroidery supply store in Miami Beach.


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