242 - More derby birthday cards

January 22, 2012
So these are all derby birthday cards I did for ARRG at the end of last year, but I haven't posted about till now because I wasn't sure whether people had had them or not. Well now I know they have, so I can finally post about them! Woo!

Derby birthday card

Derby birthday card

Derby birthday card

The next birthday isn't till February, so I've got a bit of a break, but it's fun trying to think of something different to do for everyone.


  1. My stepdad turns 60 tomorrow, so this weekend has been spent making up his mini birthday hamper gift & today I will be finishing his card. It's fun I agree, doing different things for different people on their birthdays or similar.

    Happy Monday & I have awarded you the versatile blogger award. x www.littlemisslsponderings.blogspot.com


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