239 - New craft books!

January 17, 2012
So I'm still ill! Bah! Now I have a lovely cold too. Meh. I am crafting something lovely, but I don't want to show you it till it's finished! But I can assure you, it's amazing!

Anyway, I ordered some awesome craft books through The Book People and my mother, and I thought I would show them off!

Lovely quilting book! I want to make a quilt this year, so I thought this would help. It's got some lovely things in it. Well excited! 

This amazing toy making kit! It comes with a lovely book with instructions on how to sew in general, how to make 5 different soft toys and some lovely clothes for them. You get everything needed to make the cat free! So cute!



Mix and match section to match clothes up.

I also got a knitting kit which was the same, but you get everything to make this cute bunny and cape!

These kits are aimed at children, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to make them just as well! Fingers crossed.

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