237 - Latch hooking kit.

January 11, 2012
So I've not blogged in nearly a week. I wish I had some amazing reason, but really it was just because I've been ill since Monday. So I've been sleeping. A lot.

Anyway, the other day I finished my lady bird latch hooking kit. Woo!

Ladybird latch hooking kit

I'm very happy with how it turned it, though it is quit small to be considered a rug! I mean, look at it with my feet on it.

Never mind, it's still going to be nice down the side of my bed, and I'm looking forward to being able to complete a bigger kit at some point in the future.

The instructions on how to finish the kit weren't the best, as it told me to tuck in the corners and then sew. But when I tried this, it seemed to get call caught up in the wool, so I just decided to Heat N Bond some fabric on the back, which I thought would be better for keeping it in better condition if it's going to live it's tiny life as a rug.



  1. It's really cute, but agree dinky for a rug - although could totally make a nice rug for a nursery or children's bedroom. x Hope you are on the mend.

  2. Ha ha yeah it defo said rug on the box :P Maybe if I put a few together I could make a proper sized rug :P Yeah defo feeling better.


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