236 - Works in progress

January 06, 2012
So, just so you don't think I've been slacking off on the craft front, I actually have a couple of things I'm working on right now.

Embroidery scene

First up we have my Scottish winter tapestry. I've never tried tapestry before, but I've got to say I'm quite liking it. It's like painting by number but with thread! However, this won't count towards my crafty resolutions, as I started it last year. Boo!

Latch hooking
I've also started my latch hooking kit, which is going to end up making a tiny rug. I'm thinking of putting it on my side of the bed so I have something nice and soft to step on to in the mornings. Nom! After this kit is made, my eyes are set on a huge Forever Friends rug kit.


  1. I got a mini latch hooking gift this year, shamefully have yet to start it though - is it hard? By the way ladybird mini rug? Fantastic. I can only imagine how nice your house is. x

  2. Ha ha why thank you. I'm defo trying to craft the house up. It's not hard once you get it, but I found the written instructions that came with the kit were not the best to understand. I watched a couple of videos on You Tube and they were much better. It starts coming together so quickly, it's great fun! xx


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