234 - First make of 2012

January 03, 2012
So on New Year's Day, while waiting for my awesome steak pie and watching Eastenders, I knocked up this to carry my nice Wonder Woman compact in my handbag, which I've never used, as I was always scared of wrecking it.

Mirror pouch

This was a free kit from Cross Stitcher, which I bought off eBay and the lovely Cider with Sophie scanned in the pattern and emailed it to me.

Now it's all made up, almost a year after I bought it, I think it looks lovely and I look forward to carrying both it and my awesome mirror in my handbag.

And woo to my first make of 2012, hopefully I've started as I mean to go on.


  1. Although I am not generally a pink person - I love this. You are very talented & always good to start as you mean to go on, you put me to shame making on New Years Day - I didn't.


  2. Ha ha see I love pink so I am loving this. Thanks very much miss, New Years Day was a nice lazy day with my mum, so it was the perfect day to make something small while watching movies :) xxx


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