Saturday, 30 April 2011

76 - Charity shopping FTW

So after my early morning post today (well early for a Saturday) I was a very busy bee. I cleaned the entire flat, changed the bed, put two washes on and then went to get my hair cut. It was such a nice day I decided to wander around the few charity shops that surround my hairdressers. I think there are about 5 or 6 of them in the one road, so it's good time for a quick look around. I was of course looking for crafty thing. Perhaps a cheap book or some second hand wool. But of the wonders I found. I love it when you get amazing things from charity shops.

Cross Stitch book (a little old fashioned but some nice stuff) = £1.50
Old school thread and a new packet of elastic = £2

7 copies of The World of Cross Stitch and 1 of Cross Stitch Crazy = £2
Unused balls of wool (including a bag of tiny balls of wool) = £5

What a haul right? I also popped to Tesco and bought this.


The colouring book was something insanely cheap like 29p and it is full of loads of cute drawing I can use for embroidery. Win. I bought the crayons because I had seen tutorials for crayon shading when doing embroidery like this one over at Urban Threads. I loved that idea and had never heard of it before, but I've seen it mentioned on Feeling Stitchy and stuff too. Exciting times. I also love buying new stationery, ESPECIALLY Crayola stuff. Nom. I don't have any crayons as I don't use them for drawing or anything, so it was nice to treat myself to something new. I'm excited to try out something new.

And now I am off to study for my roller derby rules test (which is tomorrow, eek!).

75 - Bye bye April Sposorship

So April was my first month of having sponsors and sponsoring people. It was quite exciting. So I thought I would say farewell to those lovely ladies, because being involved with their blog for a month was lovely.

So my mutual sponsorship was with Searching for Serendipity.

Over on her blog you can check out my roller derby guest post and I gave away a lovely tiger print felt clutch which My Pangaloon won. Woo go her. But even though the sponsorship is over I'm still taking part in her huge baby related competition, so go check it out!

This month I was also sponsoring Pixie Mama.

Over on her blog I shared a tutorial for my purple spotty clutch type bag.

Thanks for letting me sponsor your blogs ladies, I had an awesome month.

Roll on May and my birthday and my birthday blog party. :D If you wanted to get involved, email me at

Friday, 29 April 2011

74 - Knitting and shopping

So today was the Royal Wedding. I didn't care about it at all until today. In fact I believe I re-tweeted something about not giving a fuck. Considering the amount of news about it and the amount of blog posts and press releases I had to write related to the Royal Wedding, I was getting really sick of it. However, my mum wanted me to watch it with her, so I said I would go over and watch it.

When I woke up this morning, they were talking about it non-stop on the radio (my alarm clock) about it so I had to stick on the TV and see what all the fuss was about. So yes, I went out and watched the whole thing with my mum and it was quite fun. I guess wedding perving is always fun. But I wouldn't have flew from America and camped out for two days to watch it. Just saying.

So anyway, while the wedding was on, I was attempting some knitting with the help of my Stitch n Bitch book. I took my knitting stuff with me because my mum can knit, and I was hoping she could help me if I got stuck (which I did and she did). Before I could knit, but I couldn't cast on or finish off. So here's my first attempt at just practising a square. I dropped some stitches here and there, and I didn't finish it off totally (so I could save the wool), but here it is anyway.


That random loop on the left was me trying to knit and watch the Royal Wedding at the same time. Not a good idea. I'm optimistic about it though, as this turned out a lot better than my first attempts at crocheting. 

Then me and my mum went for lunch at Ikea (hot dogs and ice cream) and then went shopping. Here's what I picked up.




The hedgehog is a tea cosy. Love it. I already have two tea cosies, which my boyfriend thinks we don't need, but we do have a teapot, so we might need them. Anyway, he was so cute, I couldn't not get him. And he looks so crafty and lovely. I also picked up this yummy recipe book for £4.99 and 4 zips (hopefully for my Sharpies case) for £1.51. Sweet deal. 

If you're bored tonight, why not head over to Feeling Stitchy and check out their round-up post about the April Stitch-along (yes I might be featured on it). Or how about checking out Searching for Serendipity's MASSIVE competition.  Get involved and you could win a tonne of prizes. 

Peace out.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

73 - Exciting announcements tomorrow

Image via
Exciting things are happening tomorrow, and no I'm not talking about the Royal Wedding (though you might care about that, I'm sort of on the fence. But hey, I'm happy for the day off, so thanks guys).

As you know I have been sponsoring the lovely Kami over at Searching for Serendipity for this month. Well tomorrow something huge is happening. A huge contest in fact. I have to tell you guys, this looks amazing, but you'll have to stay tuned and head over to Searching for Serendipity tomorrow for the full details.

Eek! It's so exciting. Here's a sneak peak at some of the prizes. You may be able to spot my coffee cozie in there somewhere. Get involved because it's going to be awesome.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

72 - Geek out

I always get slightly geeked out when I see another blog mentioning me or something I've done, even if I knew they were going to put up a guest post or I'm sponsoring them or something. I guess it's just fun to think that other people are reading your blog and enjoying it and stuff.

Anyway, the point of this very short blog post is to gush about the fact I've been featured on Dork Stitch's blog, and you can check the post out here. As this is one of my favourite blogs, I'm quite exciting about this!

All this over little Pikachu. I'm hoping for bigger perler bead boards for my birthday so I can attempt some of the blog bigger patterns, and I'm also hoping to do them in actual cross-stitch too. Exciting times.

On a derby related note, Sunday was my last Fresh Meat lot class, and today is my first Wednesday class with the big girls. I am bricking it. I'm not sure why, but it's just quite scary, it's like going back to square one again and I'll be skating with people I've never skated with before. Eek! Hopefully all will go well, though I'm worried about climbing the stairs to my office tomorrow. I remember fresh meat all too well, and my legs did not like me.

Monday, 25 April 2011

71 - Feeling Stitchy's April Stitch-Along

Okay, so I gush about Feeling Stitchy a lot but I just bloody love it. It's an amazing blog, and if you haven't read it, get on it now like!

Anyway, I though I would show you what I've been doing as part of their April stitch-along as I've finally finished. I stitched the design on to a tea towel so I could make it into an apron. I then covered the back of the tea towel with red fabric which I stuck on with heat n bond (which I then got all over the carpet because I decided to not use my tiny ironing board - big mistake!) and then made it into an apron using another tea towel. So my sewing machine spazzed a little and made the stitching squint (totally wasn't anything to do with me), but as it's in white thread, you really can't tell (I hope!). I decided to do it all in red, because I wasn't sure what would show up on the pink and white spots and over at Sublime Stitching stuff gets done in all red all the time.

So here's the picture. It's been added to my crafty box as a crafty apron.

Feeling Stitchy April Stitch-along apron

Feeling Stitchy April Stitch-along apron

Thursday, 21 April 2011

70 - Let's go!

Lemming made from perler beads

He's so cute and small. One of my friends had a photo of this little guy on their Facebook but he was made out of tiles. I saw him and thought how easy he would be to make in perler beads. And so I did. He's tiny but a cutie. I'd love to make a whole set.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

69 - Roller derby guest post!

So as you may know I've been sponsoring the lovely Searching for Serendipity all this month and today she has a guest post that I wrote about roller derby and getting involved in it. It also features lots of lovely picture of my team mates (none of me because I'm not up to the level of playing on the team and the only photos I have of me on skates where when I had no idea what derby stance was).

So go and check out my roller derby post by clicking on them words there.

And while you're there, check out my competition for a tiger pouch while it's still running!

Good luck.

68 - Too busy to blog

Well we all know it happens, life can get in the way on blogging. In this case, I think blogging is getting in the way of life. Ha ha it may seem crazy but it's true.

This past month or so I've been super busy because I've been taking part in so many things like craft swaps, pay it forward and sponsoring blogs, which means makings things and writing guest posts.

Don't get me wrong, I totally love it, but I've been so busy with work/derby/and sorting out things that need to be done for certain dates (like guests posts etc) that I've not had as much time to craft for myself as I would like, and after all that's what this blog is really about, my crafting and reading about other people and their amazing crafts.

The good news is that I've finished all my busy stuff. Pay it forward and craft swap are doing, all my guest posts and giveaway items are done and just waiting to be used, and I did sign up for an Easter Craft swap over on Strumpets Crumpets but my emailing has been failing and I never got a partner, so that's probably a good thing. Stupid hotmail. Though obviously if it turns out I do have a partner I'll get right on it.

Basically I think I'm going to be spending the next while crafting for me and the love of crafting. I want to expand the things I can make and try and make different thing (like learning to knit and crochet) and as you saw by a couple of posts ago, I have a lot of things I really WANT to make.

I did say I would do a giveaway at 50 followers, but if that comes soon, I might not have the time to do it. Maybe it won't come for another 3 years and I'll be fine. Fail I know.

So maybe this makes me a bit of shit blogger, promising to do things and then having to back out of them, but sometimes the real world gets in the way and I don't want craft to be something I really I have to do, I want to do it when I have the time and I'm really excited about it.

So I do want to say THANK YOU to everyone who follows me, and I'll still be blogging and crafting all the time, I just want to take a break from all the extra stuff I attempted when I started my blog that has maybe made me more busy than I could handle. I'm not giving up, I'm just re-focusing myself on the things I love. Oh and I'll still be doing my birthday party idea if I get enough people who want to get involved.

So tonight will be spent eating an awesome chicken dinner with the man of my dreams, playing some form of xbox game and then trying to make my way through more of my April stitchalong as it has been feeling a little neglected. I've also found another awesome picture that I'm going to make out of perler beads, and that's only small so it will defo be getting done tonight.

Major blog love readers <3

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

67 - Gotta catch them all

Pikachu is on the loose! Here he is ironed and finished. He now lives on my window ledge in the living room.

Perler beads pikachu

Once again you can get the pattern (it's a cross stitch one) over at Dork Stitch.

Monday, 18 April 2011

66 - Handmade craft swap

So, as you may know I've been involved in the Hand Made Craft Swap which was organised by the lovely Artichoke Designs.

Well today I received my parcel in the post at work, which was a lovely surprise considering I was having a fail day through being ill (or possibly two days of being hungover but I don't think so...maybe).

My parcel was from Butterfly and Ladybug and to be honest I wish I had taken photos of me opening it and the lovely way it was package. It was wrapped in some lovely blue floral type paper, and stuffed with loads of lovely different sheets of paper. The two packages I received with also wrapped in tissue paper and red ribbon. Nom! So pretty, but I was so excited I tore right into that bad boy.

My parcel contained a lovely letter and a card, which are both now stuck to my dishwasher (we can't stick stuff to our fridge ha ha).

Handmade craft swap stuff from Butterfly and Ladybug

My first parcel was a little pouch style bag with some lovely beads on the zip. As you can see it's lovely.

Handmade craft swap stuff from Butterfly and Ladybug

My second parcel was this bag. Oh my lord it is so amazing. It's skulls and cherries and pink, black and red. Wow! I never thought I would get something as amazing as this. Michelle even admitted that she had been stalking my blog and twitter to get my bag right, and it clearly paid off. She said she didn't put a fastening on the top so I could cram it full of stuff (mainly derby stuff). I am worried it would get crushed if I crammed all my derby stuff in it, so I'm going to use it as an on the move crafting bag. It has pocket for putting little things in, it's big enough to fit books, magazines, fabric and everything in and I'm going to use the little pouch bag with it to hold needles and thread etc. It's so pretty and craft, and I think it will go nicely with my on-to-go projects.

Handmade craft swap stuff from Butterfly and Ladybug

I'm so happy with my gifts and I can't thank her enough for them, they are awesome. Craft swaps are literally the best thing ever, get involved!

65 - Ambitions

I think I'm obviously a very ambitious person when it comes to craft, because I will pretty much just throw myself into anything if I think there is even a chance I can make it. I have a to-make list on Listography that is so long now I'm not sure if there is any point in adding to it most of the time. The amount of free patterns I'm printing off is also going a little crazy, but I love having things to chose from. So I thought I would post the things I really want to make at the moment, though I do feel they may be a little bit out of my reach (for now anyway).

1. Armchair organiser.

Image via
I want to make this the most, because I think it's a great idea. I currently use my coach arm for when I am crafting, and it has loads of stuff all over it, including needles and pins stuck into the fabric, and considering it's a black sofa, this can sometimes be bad. This however, is not a pattern or a tutorial, this image is an actual one for sale from DMC on Amazon, and while it is lovely, I don't want to pay the £17.99 that they are charging for it, so I figure I can make one myself. Maybe. That way I can change it to be exactly how I want it, and have prettier fabric. We'll see. This is a tall order. But it's on my list.

2. Keyboard rest cat.

Now I spend all day at my desk at work, all 8 and a half hours of it, so I'm pretty sure this little guy would come in handy. He's so cute! You can get the FREE (that's right, free) tutorial on how to make him over at Urban Thread, which has just become one of my favourite websites.

3. My own cross-stitch patterns.

I've been doing cross stitch for a couple of weeks now and I love it. There are so many cool things you can do with it, and it's like putting together a little puzzle when you are stitching it up. It's great. I bought some squared paper to try and make my own patterns with, but I have the fear (of ruining craft supplies) as I so often get when I am about to start something new, and so I haven't braved it yet. I already have an idea for two patterns. One is going to be Hellboy and Liz on fire, hopefully with a love heart between them and the other is going to be the Cloverfield monster with the words "I love you Cloverfield" above it. This is a quote from my favourite podcast, Double Murder over on Bloody Disgusting. It made me laugh so much, so hopefully I can draw cute version of the Cloverfield monster.

4. About a million things on the Martha Stewart website.

I swear, everything over there just looks so easy, I want to make like all of it, but I never seem to get around to it.

Felt cherry pie - I want to make it to be a huge pin cushion for my big pins. 

Image via

Wrap around pin holder for my sewing machine.

Image via
 Sewing machine cover - I want to embroider it with something cute too.

Image via
Plastic bag holder.

Image via
5. Decorate my dinner set.

A few weeks ago I was in the pound shop with my mum and she bought me a table runner and four fabric placement, totally white with a decorative trim. I want to decorate them so they are awesome, though I don't know what with. I wanted to do Invader Zim for the place-mats, but that would mean a lot of pattern designing myself. It's a big project, and I might just do it doodle style with all the patterns I like.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

64 - Perler beads - Take one

So after my obsessive post about perler beads, I decided to get back into them. I hunted out my bottle of beads and my boards, and it turns out I have a lot more boards that I thought I did. I also bought some nice little Tupperware boxes to sort out the beads into coloured sections, so that I didn't have to sort them out like every time I wanted to make something.



So I browsed through some of the lovely patterns on Dork Stitch and decided to make this little Pikachu, mainly because I didn't have a board big enough to fit a lot of the other patterns. But I will get one eventually. I've yet to iron to him because I get forgetting to get my iron out, but here he is still on the board.


I'll probably iron him tonight and then find somewhere awesome to put him. I have my eye on more patterns, but yeah I'll have to buy a bigger board before I can make them. Love how well he worked out though.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

63 - eBay haul

So I love eBay. Well sometimes. The other week I found this amazing cross stitch job lot for a starting bid of £2.50 and I won it for that price. Woo hoo. Plus £2.50 postage to arrive, it finally came on Friday. So here's what I got.




Amazing, what a bargain for £5 right? However, I am missing one small cross stitch kit. Sigh. I've emailed the seller about it, but they are yet to get back to me. Hopefully I'll get it. I'm holding off feedback till I do.

There is also the slight problem of the fact that one of the kits came free with a magazine, and of course, the pattern for it is in the magazine. Fail.

Also ten inch embroidery hoop, win!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

62 - Blog birthday party

Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers.

It's my birthday on the 20th of May, where I turn the grand old age of 24. I was thinking it might be fun to run a blog birthday party in the week running up to my birthday (my birthday is a Friday so probably start it on the Monday and have it all round up on the Friday).

I've seen blogs do this before and I thougth it might be fun to try it. Is anyone interested in taking part?

You can contribute anything you want whether it's a guest post, a tutorial, a recipe or an item for a giveaway, it would be amazing to have as many people invovled as possible.

If you would like to be invovled then please email me at wicked_sister69@hotmail and let me know! Hopefully if I get enough people, this can be awesome.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

61 - Just too busy...

I seem to be far too busy to be doing crafty stuff of late, and it's not too much fun. Work can be very tiring, which leads to me wanting to sleep in the evenings rather than actually move. Also when I have stuff to do after work (like see my mum), that's the whole day gone, even though it is obviously fun being social and not just living in a hole all the time.

I'm half way through my April Stitch Along piece, but I haven't done any since Sunday, and I won't get anything done tonight seeing as I'm out. It's time like this I wish I was on Easter holidays like all the school kids so I would have plenty of time to do things.

Derby is also going to take up a lot of my time when I start skating with the big girls in a couple of weeks, as I could potentially be skating a Sunday, Wednesday and a Friday.

Though last night I did make a little more progress with my crocheting, as my mum actually explained to me how to do one than more row. It looked awful, but I'm getting there. I need to take a bash at knitting next. I debated writing a rota, with a different craft every night, but I thought that would be too restrictive if I was taking on a big project.

On a brighter note my mum went into town on Monday and bought me a little pressie which I had had my eye on for ages.

Image via
Yes, he is a little Cath Kidston pin cushion shaped like a hedgehog. I love him and I have named him Professor Spikey (I don't care if it's lame). He will live in my sewing machine bag and be my lovely sewing machine pin cushion.

My mum also told me she considered buying me this.

Image via

This is also Cath Kidston, and I've eyed it up before. While I would have been over the moon if she had bought it for me, I'm not sure what I would have used it for as my sewing is currently very organised. I would have found something for it I'm sure.

Speaking of organised, I'm planning on drafting up a gift tag which will now go out with my giveaway prizes (and hopefully items if I one day get a shop). A while ago I had bought some lovely punches shaped like hearts and flowers and I bought a lovely flower stamp to mark the tags. However, I was annoyed with myself because the last thing I sent out had the lovely gift tag but was minus the stamp. May seem minor but I like to keep things tidy and the same. So I figure a nice plan to work off will keep me right in the future, and I will hopefully remember to use my lovely flower stamp. So that may get done tonight if I have time before I go to boogie down to Just Dance on the Wii.

60 - My Favourite Free Patterns

I love craft books, but I can get a bit carried away and end up spending a lot of money just so I have a huge selection of craft projects to be getting on with. I love having a choice and spreading myself out over a number crafty type projects.

Free patterns are one of my favourite things in the world. Not only are the free (bonus), but they spread the work of bloggers and give other people (like me) the chance to make things from a number of different sources and make amazing things.

As it's spring, new patterns are popping up all over the place with a lovely spring theme to them and I'm so excited. So here are some of my favourite spring time free patterns that are around just now, so if you're stuck for ideas, here are some things you could try.

1. April Stitch Along pattern on Feeling Stitchy from My Hiding Place in Cyberspace.
Image via 
You will know that I love the Feeling Stitchy stitch alongs, and I am currently in the middle of this lovely April showers type picture. I love it and if you get involved you can post photos of your work onto the Feeling Stitchy flickr group and share the love.

2. Chocolate bunnies pattern from The Split Stitch.

Image via
This one is amazing and so cute. It features a number of chocolate bunnies in various states of being eaten. Nom! This one is only available for a limited time, because it's actually from the blog's shop, so snap it up while you can! It's only on the blog till the end of it's Spring-Time Eggstravaganze so act fast.

3. Egg sampler from The Split Stitch (again).

Image via
What can I say, when I love a girl's patterns, I love them and this is amazing. So cute!

4. Family tree hanging from Wild Olive.

Family Tree
Image via
Dear Lord I love Wild Olive. Her stuff is just so cute and lovely. As part of her Family Week Mollie posted this lovely tutorial for a fabric family tree wall hanging. So cute and easy to add to and much less stuff than the traditional route.

5. Heart crochet bunting from Scissor Quirk.

Okay so I can't crochet, but I love this. It's so cute, and image how nice it would look hanging...well anywhere! With the Royal Wedding coming up, we need an excuse for bunting. When I learn to crochet (hopefully) this will definitely be on my list.

So these are just 5 of my favourites out there, but I've been seeing loads lately (you should see my to-do list ha ha!), but these are so lovely and spring themed I think you should all get your craft on and make some of these lovely things.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

59 - Giveaway and Guest Post

As you may know I've been doing a sponsor button swap with Searching for Serendipity this month and I'm also sponsoring Pixie Mama's blog. Exciting times.

Over on Pixie Mama right now you can check out a guest post for a tutorial on how to make one of my lovely felt clutch/make-up/pencil bags.

Finished product

So check out the tutorial here.

And if you like it so much, you can win a tiger print version on Searching for Serendipity's blog, as she is hosting a giveaway for one on her blog.

Head on over there now for details of how to win this lovely felt clutch bag.

Image via

58 - I'm in love...

With perler beads. Literally. I sometimes get a rush of craft love, where I decide I'm going to do something new and it's going to be amazing and the best thing ever and that's pretty much what I'm getting right now. It's awesome.

I've been aware of perler beads for some time. In fact, I actually own some (or Ikea's cheap equivilent).

Image via

And some cute little boards (I had more but one definately got melted when left the iron on it in my youth).

Image via
I'm pretty sure all of these ones survived though, I think it was another plain one that died. I'll have to check when I get home. I've made a few things from these beads and always found them really fun. I made love hearts, a little pumkin and a Nirvana face (because those are the sort of things I like when I was 16. I'm not sure what happened to my previous efforts. I get the feeling they may have been charity donated during one of my epic clear-outs as I haven't seen them in a few years. It's not like me to thrown out crafts but it does happen.

That giant jar of beads has sat in my craft box for years now, not being used, but because I enjoyed it I never wanted to get rid of them (unlike the products of my labour apparently).

However today I got really excited about this particular type of craft after browsing Dork Stitch. I've raved about this blog before, as I just love it. It's full of geeky patterns, and best of all they are free. What more could a girl ask for. Anyway, I was reading one post and I noticed a post with pictures of Dork Stitch's work done in perler beads.

Image via
How amazing right? You can check out the girl who made it on her Deviant Art Page. 

So needless to say I am in love. I've been googling pictures of other people's work and there is so much you can do with it! Amazing! I've seen a lot of designing for coasters (such as Mario), and I have made coasters with this before so I think that is a definate must. I may need to buy somethign to sort the beads out though, as I know going through that giant tub to find what you want can be a nightmare. Maybe some tweezers too. If I get it all sorted by the weekend, I may try and make something so I can post pictures. 

Dork Stitch does amazing patterns that seems to look really good when made into perler beads, so that may be my first port of call. Very excited. 

Monday, 11 April 2011

57 - So many books not enough time

I have to be one of the most impatient people in the world. I hate waiting for things. I'll order things online because they are cheaper and then wish I bought them in the shop because at least I would have them NOW! This sort of attitude has lead me to have a lot of craft books, many of which I have never read.

Last night I tried crocheting for the first time, and it didn't go too well. But hey, I've never been good with wool crafts, but I'm trying to work on that. I have the lovely book Stitch n Bitch Crochet - The Happy Hooker in my collection, and I sat down last night to read it. However, after a page or so of information I got slightly bored and started flicking to the good stuff (telling you how to stitch).

I seem to do this a lot with craft books. I don't read a lot of the background information and I simply flick through the patterns. I feel I'm doing it the wrong way I should be reading them cover to cover basically (bar all the patterns of course). But is there a wrong way to to do? I like the make sure I'm being thorough, and I want as much knowledge on a topic as possible. I've realised I bought though lovely Sublime Stitching books and only read them once, and yet I've embroidered a few things since. I've never referred back to see if I'm doing it properly or what.

I think my craft books need a little love, so I'm going to give them a more thorough read over the next few days. Basically just to bone up on the stuff I think I know but it maybe turns out that I really don't.

I also need to read up on my sewing machine manual as apparently I can sew on buttons and embroider with it. Hmm, we shall see.

So am I weird? How do you read your craft books? I just like to jump in with two feet.

And if you feel like reading more about me, then why not head over to Pixie Mama's blog, where she is introducing all her small sponsors for this month (including me!).

56 - Love of Sharpies

I love Sharpies. While I have never owned a full sized one, I've had a little one on my keys for a few years now. It's so handy to have, and I used to use it to write endless song requests out at the Hive (a club in Edinburgh) when my friend's Matt and Stoo used to DJ there. It's great for a night out. I mean you always have your keys on you, but you don't always have a pen do you?

I love the little pocket Sharpies they are so cute. I've always wanted the big set that they have with 12 lovely colours, but it's quite expensive, usually about £13. Eek.

Well that all changed yesterday.

Over the weekend I came across the post by Crafted Love on making a Sharpie bag. I've always known crafters have a deep love for Sharpies, but the thought of this bag was so cool. I needed to make it (even though I'm yet to put a zip in ANYTHING, but I'll get there)...I just needed to. But of course, what is a sharpie case without Sharpies.

I decided yesterday that I was going to treat myself to the Sharpies so I popped to Tesco with a £1.50 Clubcard voucher, good times. And when I got there I discovered that they were half price! Only £6.50! How good is that? Even better.

I have yet to make my lovely case, but it has been added to my to-do list and it will definitely be getting done. I encourage you to make it too if you share the Sharpie passion.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

55 - Warm Sundays (and not the ice cream)

So today has been spent mostly in the house. Because I passed everything last week I didn't have to go and skate this week (which was quite upsetting but hey I would have just been taking up space for the people who really needed to pass). Me and the boy did venture out into the sun at one point to take a walk along the beach to drink the chocolate milkshakes we had just bought. There were actually people swimming. I know it's sunny but come on people, it's still Scotland. Mad men.

Having the whole day off and not having anything to do was lovely. So naturally I got my craft on. I've started doing my April stitch along for Feeling Stitchy (check out the button for a link), and it's so much fun. I did last month's on a bag but I'm doing something different thing month. I want to wait until it's totally done in case it doesn't turn out. It's looking quite sweet though.

I also tried my hand at crocheting today. Hmm, it's quite hard to try and follow it from a book. A friend has suggested that I look to You Tube for some lessons, So tomorrow I may try my hand are that.

Well this has been a mostly text post so let's get some pictures eh? Last month I attended the wedding of two of my friends, and for wedding favours they had little jars full of sweets. I though the jars were so cute, I knew I wanted to do something with them. So I kept mine and my boy's. I decided today I was going to use them to store pins and knitting stuff (pin protectors and stitch counters) in the other. They were a little plain, so I decided to decorate them and I knew exactly what to use - the lovely printables I won from Wild Olive. I print them off and glued them on and I love them!

Decorated jars with Wild Olive printables

Decorated jars with Wild Olive printables

So cute right! Love them. :D

I also made a pin cushion cross stitch kit that I got free in one of my cross stitch magazines. Definitely did better at the cross stitch this time (all my stitches are going the right way for once).

Cross stitch pin cushion

I wish I could craft this much all the time. Work just gets in the way eh?

54 - Pay it Forward Round up

So, my Pay It Forward adventure is finally done. And I'm quite sad. I heartily enjoyed doing it and sharing my crafts with other people and also getting some crafting things in return. But all my partners have their gifts now, so I thought I would do a nice wee round up of everything that was swapped.

I signed up for Pay it Forward through Just Because By Leelee and she sent me this.


Loved it! So here are all the things I sent to my 5 partners.

Just Because by Leelee.

Image via

 Artichoke Design.

Finished product

Love Art Child.

Image via

Zayda Barros.

Image via

And my Derby wife Knock-Turnal

Feeling Stitchy March Stitch Along

And that's it over! If you see anyone doing pay it forward on their blog, I would definitely take part! It's so much fun.

Friday, 8 April 2011

53 - Spreading the love

Major bit of love spreading this fine Friday morning. So let's get it done eh?

Firstly, my handmade craft swap partner got her gift this week, so I can finally show you pictures. My partner was Erin over at My Beautiful Disaster and in her email questionnaire it was listed that she liked owls. So I decided to make her an owl. He was meant to be a bit bigger, but I fail at paying attention to patterns. Anyway, I think he turned out quite well. Here's Erin's picture of him.

Image via

I'm so glad that she like him, and that he made it all the way to Canada. If you want to make him you can get the pattern on the Hobbycraft website.

Secondly, I'm very excited to be taking part in Feeling Stitchy's April stitch along. I took part in the March one and made the lovely octopus print bag that I gave to my derby wife. Check out the pattern for this month and get involved. It's so much fun! I'm trying to think what to put it on. I wanted to put it on another bag, but I did that last month so I'm trying to think outside the box.

Finally, as I have already told you, this month I'm sponsoring Pixie Mama and Searching for Serendipity. I think you should go check them out and show them some love. I've already featured in an introduction post on Searching for Serendipity, but still to come includes a guest post, a tutorial and maybe a cheeky giveaway. So keep checking back for updates.

So there's a little love for you on a Friday morning and hopefully it will help you get through to the weekend :). Happy Friday.