229 - Top 5 tools of 2011

December 29, 2011
While this may sound like a post where I'm going to start insulting people, it's really not. It's all about craft tools, and the best ones I've come across this year!

I didn't do a lot of craft before 2011, and that I did, I didn't do very well. I tending to not read things properly, not follow proper instructions and that's probably why I got frustrated very easily and just tended to give up on things. This year however, I changed my mindset and decided I was going to do things the right way and really get into the crafts I had chosen. So here are my favourite crafting tools I've come across, and that have made my jump into the craft world a hell of a lot easier!

1. Knitting row counter. 

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Now I haven't done too much knitting this year, but even the little bit I've done has made this little guy quite invaluable. I'm rubbish at counting in my head (as proven by the fact I can never count my own 25 in 5 laps at derby) and this makes it so much easier.

2. Pinking shears.

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I refused to buy these for a while because I thought they were so expensive and (stupidly) thought that my paper cutting edging scissors would do the same job. However, one day I found a pair in Ikea for around £7 and I've never looked back. They are fab for edging anything you've stitched and automatically making it look better!

3. Thread Heaven.

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Now I have to say, I don't use Thread Heaven all the time, because I just like to get on with things. But any time I've used metallic thread, this has stopped me from going completely insane!

4. Heat n Bond.

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Now I don't have the best relationship with Heat n Bond (which is entirely my fault because I 1) Bought the no sew stuff and still try to sew through it all the time and 2) melted it into my old flat's carpet on quite a bad level) but it has still proved very useful. It's great for doing applique if you don't want to/don't have the skill to sew it on yourself. I think I'll be buying myself some of the "can-sew" stuff next time I'm in Hobbycraft and then all will be dandy!

5. Fabric cutter.

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I've had my rotary cutter for a while now but only used it once, and I have to say, it made cutting fabric a lot less stressful! Usually I go squint at some point, but this was far easier!


  1. I need to get myself a fabric cutter badly. I have been waiting until the studio is up and running though. Funny intro and great post!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  2. Ha ha thanks, my boyfriend actually said he was surprised he wasn't on the list :P Yeah I would recommend one defo. I got a cheaper one, and it still works great, so I can only imagine how amazing the well expensive ones are!

    Thanks for reading, and I love your blog :)



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