224 - Work Xmas

December 23, 2011
So today is my last day of work before Christmas. Woo hoo! Which is also means it's Christmas Eve tomorrow. I am beyond excited. While it's work and obviously it's nice to have time off, my work is a pretty cool place to work at Christmas.

On Monday this week we had a Christmas jumper competition. While I don't have a Christmas jumper, I do have a nice knitted dress, so I wore that for the occasion.

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While I didn't win, it was still fun, and I did get some mulled win out of it. Boost.

And then on Tuesday we did secret Santa, which was fun times. I hope the person I got liked the present I got them because I definitely liked my lovely present. I got this yummy hat and scarf set. So cosy!


I'm one of the people who isn't off at all at Christmas, so hopefully the week between Christmas and New Year will also be quite pleasant. So, not a crafty post, but you did get two photos of me in sexy knit-wear!


  1. great knitwear all round!!where is it u work?so when will u have ur Christmas then?

  2. Ha ha I thanks, I work at bigmouthmedia, it's a digital marketing agency. Oh no I get actual Christmas off, but half the office are off for the week between Christmas and New Year's, but I'll still be in, so hopefully it'll be quite chilled.


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