223 - Light crafting

December 22, 2011
So I've been picking up my knitting needles again and trying the purl stitch. I've found it very hard to master for some reason (even though my mum said she finds it easier). I spent hours with my mum one night trying to knit a small stocking stitch swatch, which I frequently added a few stitches too when I got the purling row. My mum had to do a lot of fixing for me, but I ended up with this.


I'm not totally happy with it, because a lot of it is a bit weird, but hey it's a lot further than I've ever got before. I'll need to keep practising my purl stitch so I can make this lovely knitted hair bow I saw in a knitting magazine.

Also, exciting times, I sent photos of my Psycho cross stitch picture and my Mystery Science Theatre 3000 cross stitch card to the owner of iotacons and he posted about them yesterday! I'm so happy! Check out the post here! I feel quite famous.

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