221 - Craft weekend

December 18, 2011
So this weekend, I decided I was going to craft quite a lot. Saturday went well on the craft front, but today wasn't very fun.

Yesterday I finished my last Christmas card, which was Donald's.

Mystery Science Theatre Christmas card

It's a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 card, and I got the pattern from the blog iotacons. It took me hardly any time at, but I think it looks awesome.

I also finally got around to knitting my first project from my Stitch n Bitch book, the go-go garter stitch scarf. It involved three balls of wool, which was a little scary at first, but four chick movies later it was finished. Boom!

Garter stitch scarf

Garter stitch scarf

There are some bits that are a little messy, but considering this was the second things I've ever knitted, I'm very happy. I'm currently trying to master the purl stitch.

Today went a bit wrong because I decided to make my Christmas cake. I've already had one cake fail because I haven't had time to make my cake skirt, which made me very upset. I managed to make the cake fine, but our lovely fan assisted oven decided to do a lovely burnt on the outside, raw in the middle job on the cake. Bah! It tasted nice in the middle, but now that it's cooled it's gone a lot harder than it should be. I decided to decorate it so I could take some photos, but I'm very upset with how it looks (so upset I cried...I'm awesome).


I set up some of my pretty decorations on it, and put it on my nice cake board, but nothing made it look better. Donald assures me it tastes lovely, but I wanted it too look amazing too. If only I could have iced it, I could have hidden the scary-ness. My plan for next year (yes already) is to make a nice normal fruit cake for me (with icing and marzipan) and make either a gingerbread house or gingerbread cookies for Donald (as he doesn't like normal Christmas cakes but he likes gingerbread).

So my poor old school Christmas decorations I've had for like 3 years still haven't had a proper outing. Sniff.

Never mind eh? It's Christmas next weekend! I'm most excited!


  1. I love the cross stitched card (and massively appreciate the link to that blog, too), and the colors you picked for the scarf are so cute!

  2. Thanks. Yeah that blog is awesome, so good for Cross Stitch patterns :D


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