220 - Cake skirt sad times.

December 15, 2011
So one of the last things I have to make for Christmas is my cake skirt from Cross Stitcher. I was leaving it till last because I'm not planning on making my cake until the weekend. Unfortunately, when I started stitching my lovely reindeer I was left with this.

Not only does it have a big nasty edge on it which I can't stitch on, but the room which is left isn't enough to fit my design on to. I emailed Cross Stitcher and they said they would try and send me a new band out, but even if they do, I won't have enough time to make it for my cake being made. Sigh. And if they don't, I'll have to buy some band myself.

So unfortunately, it looks like I'll have to leave this till next year, as I still have Donald's card to make, and that's more important. At least I can take the time and do it amazingly now. Still sad though, wish I had opened the packet to check the contents quicker.


  1. BLoody ridic! I still havent checked mine yet! DO you not have any left over aida you could use? xxx

  2. Maybe yeah. I'll probs just buy some band anyway cayse that way I can use it for another things. Very sad though. You think people packing the envelope would realise. Boo.


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