217 - Draft excluder doggy.

December 12, 2011
A while ago I posted about a whole bunch of ideas I loved from Hobbycraft, including this lovely doggy draft excluder.

My mum had also picked up a card on how to make these dogs, and knocked herself up the cute little brown one.


How cute is he? I'm well impressed considering my mum claims she cannot knit a lot of the time. She decided to leave out the legs, so I call him slug dog. He's very cute though, and looks very nice in my mum's living room.

I had mentioned I was well in need of a draught excluder, because there are windows which are always open in our flat's stairwell, so the front door gets a horrible draught under it. Not only did my mum say she could have her old draught excluder (a snake created by my gran which is awesome), but she is also in the process of knitting me the white cousin of her slug dog. I'm very excited to soon have a lovely handmade pink and white doggy keeping our flat extra warm. I can't wait till he's done!

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