216 - Charity shopping

December 11, 2011
One of my favourite blogs is The Dainty Squid, and one of the big reasons for my love is all the amazing things that she finds at thirft and charity shops. When I go charity shopping I tend to look at books and clothes, but not really a lot of home stuff. However, I've lately been drooling over a lot of the lovely home wares that The Dainty Squid has found for her home. Teamed that with the fact I've been watching a lot of Kirstie's Homemade Home, and she buys a lot of second-hand stuff, I decided next time I went charity shopping I was going to make an effort and look in the home sections.

I went shopping yesterday with my mum, after going for an awesome Groupon type lunch in a little cafe which consisted of the biggest hot chocolate I've ever seen, a tuna melt and a huge scone with butter and jam. Nom! Before and after eating, we went round the small group of charity shops in Corstorphine.

I have to say, I've glad I looked in the home sections because I got some lovely kitchen things (my favourite things) and a little Christmas extra.

Apple tart dish. £3.


Disney World spoon rest. I hope it's as vintage as it looks. 75p.

Soup cups. 50p each.

Christmas tree ornament. 50p.

Teddy bear tray. £2.50.
All in all, today was an awesome day! When charity shopping is good, it's awesome!

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