215 - New Year's want list

December 10, 2011
So I've been on a bit of a buying ban recently, purely because people were finding it very hard to find thing to buy me for Xmas. This has meant I have seen a lot of crafty things that I would like, but haven't been able to buy. I've been keeping a sort of mental list of them all so I can treat myself a bit after Christmas, but the list is getting quite long. So here are all the things I've been lusting over in the past month or so. I won't be able to buy all of them, but it doesn't stop me wanting them!

Full crochet hook set.

Heart shaped jewellery kit.

Embossing machine.

Decoupage kit.

Latch hook kit (start small with a cushion or something, but I want to make an awesome Forever Friends rug when I master it).

I also want some needle felting tools, a cake stand and a darning foot for my sewing machine. And quite a lot of books. Shock horror!

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