210 - Some recent craft-ness

So today we went Christmas shopping...well not for me, because I was finished shopping, but I went shopping with the boy and his family. I treated myself to some more Christmas decorations, and some stuff I totally needed from Hobbycraft.

I also got some lovely tape from Accessorize, which was only £3! I'm looking forward to wrapping some presents with it, though probably not Christmas ones, because it's not very Christmassy.

I finally finished the last two decorations I am going to be making this year. I'm going to put the tree up and decorate tomorrow. I'm quite excited, and it also means I'll be able to show off all the decorations I've bought this year. 

Christmas decorations

Also, it was mine and the boy's anniversary on Wednesday, which means we've been going out two years. Donald bought me some flowers and we went out for awesome burgers at Bell's Diner, so it was an awesome night. I decided to try stitching on a map after seeing this post on Urban Threads' blog.

Embroidered map anniversary card

It seemed like such a simple idea but so nice, and I've never embroidered on paper before so I mashed up a Google Maps with small sections of all the places we've lived since we've been going out, and stitched a little path between them, finishing on our current street.

Tomorrow will probably feature a HUGE Christmas post! I can't wait.

Also, are you watching the Roller Derby World Cup? Scotland are doing so well, I'm so proud of them!


  1. LOVE! This idea! Might do it for our 4 years in web, but of all the countries we've been to so far. xxx

  2. yeah I thought it was so simple but looks so nice. And stitching on paper was super easy :) x


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