209 - Roller derby changes.

December 02, 2011
While this blog is mainly about craft, it is called Skates and Stitches for a reason, and that reason, is roller derby.

I maybe haven't posted about roller derby for quite some time, and to be honest, it's been because I've not been going. I wasn't find it fun anymore, and that's never a good thing. However, I had no intention of giving up, and so I decided to make a move. Literally.

So I've moved to Fierce Valley Roller Girls, who are based in the central belt of Scotland,and they currently skate in Grangemouth. I obviously still love ARRG, and Donald is still going to be a reffing machine for ARRG, but I feel I will progress better at FVRG, and I have to say, after one practise with them, I had a ridiculous amount of fun!

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So check out their website or Facebook page.

Oh and their team colours are purple and blue, which I could not be more excited about!

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