207 - Wrapping.

November 29, 2011
While I've been spending quite a lot of blogging time for the past few months talking about Christmas, there is one thing I haven't really touched on, and that is wrapped.

I do love wrapping and making things pretty, but I have a problem with wrapping paper...people don't keep it do they? I always feel if I make people cards, people are probably quite likely to keep them (well my mum would anyway) because they are quite special. If I spend time making wrapping paper and gift tags, I worry I will be upset when people chuck them out, as they probably would.

I feel this will be something I will work up to, but for this year, I've just got some normal Asda red and white wrapping paper, teamed with some bows, ribbons, gift bags and gift tags from last year, and then some lovely vintage looking gift tags that my gran used to own (which I'm still not sure if I'm going to part with, ha ha). I don't want to waste what I already have, but I suppose when I run out of all my already bought stuff, I may be more likely to make my own.

However, just because I'm not quite up to making everything, doesn't mean I haven't seen lots of lovely bits and piece from over the web!

Currently my wrapping paper and other decorations are stuffed down the back of my craft supplies boxes, with any greetings card I have in a folder on the window ledge. However, I have been drooling over this!

It's essentially a wicker washing basket that has a view bags and hooks added to do (check out the link for full details). It's amazing! I can imagine how much happier all my wrapping supplies would be in this! I am determined to find a cheap one of these and make it my own.

How about these lovely (and free) gift tags from Wild Olive!

Just print these bad boys off, add the names and your message, and you're done! They're so cute!

Or how about this amazing potato print wrapping paper from The Perfect Pear?

I have quite a lot of brown paper hanging around from when I sold a lot of stuff on eBay, and to be honest, I don't use it for anything anymore. But this idea would be amazing, and it would work for any occasion and not just Christmas!

Also, let's check out some other lovelies from my Xmas Pinterest board, which is currently sitting at 158 pins! Can you tell I love Christmas!

Far too much to drool over! I will definitely be adding a few of these to my make it list that I keep in my notebook.


  1. AWHH!ive got the letter one onmy p interst too!ive done the potato stamping on brown paper this yearusing brown paper and glittery paint from the pound shop and tags and east of India ribbon off ebay!Such reasonably priced and different wrapping compared to shop bought!xxx

  2. Christmas stuff is just too pretty! I want to make all the things.


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