206 - FINALLY!

November 27, 2011
I feel when you start a craft project and you start not enjoying it, maybe you should stop. I stopped enjoying making these baubles a long time ago, but I was spurred forward by how nice they would like when they were done. A week and a half or so later, and they're done. And I have to say, they do look very nice!

Christmas decorations

Phew! This kit was lovely, but oh lord it was hard. Fractionals, nowhere near enough thread to complete the projects, and piece of fabric that didn't really fit the mounts, so mine don't look as nice as the magazine. Sigh.

I got a free kit in Cross Stitch Crazy today, which looks a lot easier, and after I've finished those two I'm making no more this year! My hands are mauled!


  1. They look as good as the mag!!!dont look in this month x stitched then...!Purple bauble!Soon im going to be dreaming baubles!!!!x

  2. Ha ha I did see the preview in this month's mag. They are so lovely. I think I'll be making them for next year :P


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