205 - Crafty buying

November 26, 2011
So today me and Donald popped along to the Sick Kid's Christmas Fayre in town because Donald's mum works for the Sick Kids, and I'm always a sucker for somewhere where there might be a craft stall. We literally popped in for 10 minutes because we had to run off to go and see Dundee vs. Perth at the roller derby up in Dundee, but it was fun all the same.

I picked up a couple of lovely handmade Christmas decorations for our house (because you know, I've not made enough myself!).

First I got this little gingham Christmas tree from The Shoogly Table. I don't think this was homemade by the lovely stall owners, as it did have a tag on it with a link to another trade website, but it's still lovely and only cost £1.50!


I also picked up this amazing gingerbread man from Baby Name Bunting. I spotted him when we first came in, and knew I wanted him! I also couldn't believe he was only £4! There were a couple of options when it came to ribbon, but I picked this nice one that says Merry Christmas on it. Too cute right?


I am in love with him. He's quite big. Maybe like 15cm high. So probably too big to put on the tree, but I can hang him somewhere else.

I'm still working on my three Christmas baubles from Cross Stitcher. They're so hard. So many fractionals and it's quite boring doing just a random shape, but I know it's going to be worth it because they are so pretty there are no words. Hard work though.

On another note, the roller derby was awesome. I love watching Dundee play and I've only seen them once before, so it was nice to get see them. Perth were also awesome. Good derby times all round.

Though the weather is now rank, so I'm snuggled up on the couch with bad TV. Bliss.

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