204 - Tub of ice cream kind of night

Work is stressful right now. But in a good way most of the time. Though tonight I did come home and eat the rest of my tub of cookie dough ice cream and watch The OC. Good times. Some things just make everything better.

Earlier this week I finished the rose tree decoration that my mum asked my to make for her. I used the tutorial I found here and then just glue gunned the leaves and the ribbon on to the back. I also embroidered 2011 on to one of the leaves, because my mum asked me to make her something so she could remember each year.

Rose tree decoration 2011

I was very happy with the way it turned out, and I gave it to my mum last night, and she also liked it very much.

I've also been getting on my super hard Christmas decorations.All the green has been added to do, just one to go. The cream still needs to be added, but it's not very much, so hopefully get them done quite quickly. My last two decorations that I'm going to do come free in Cross Stitch Crazy tomorrow, so I'm almost done. Woop!


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