203 - Crafting Sundays

November 20, 2011
So while I've not posted in a week, I have been crafting! Derby birthday cards which I can't show you and Xmas decorations that are taking forever!

Tree decoration

This one took quite a while because the background was quite soul destroying. I don't do well with huge chunks of just colour, for like no reason.

I've also started these three I got free in Cross Stitcher.


I've decided to do it colour by colour, so this is all the red stages of the 3 done. I have to say, the biggest one, was the worst one. It took ages and was loads of fractional stitches. Luckily I got through a whole disc of The OC while I was doing it, so it was quite fun, hopefully get the other two colours done this week too.

I still have two free decorations that I get this week which I would like to make as well, so hopefully I'll get them all done.

I also have two pieces which would need to go up on the wall or somewhere, and some gift tags which I'm still to get free, but I think I might leave all of those till next year and do something nice with them. I don't want craft to become a STRESS! (Which it already has for Xmas, sort of.) I feel like I'm always putting things off, but I have made a lot this year, and I think I've learnt some lessons for next year for definite.

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