201 - Little piggy

November 12, 2011
So it's my Dad's birthday in a couple of weeks, so I thought I would make him something. I saw a pattern for this pig magnet in Cross Stitcher in the first issue I ever got and pretty much decided I had to make it for my dad.

Pig cross stitch magnet

I'm very happy with how he turned out, and I got to use my glue gun again (no horrific burns this time) and my magnets.

I tested him out and he stuck to the fridge perfect with four little magnets. Win! I think I need to make some nice magnets for our own fridge too.


  1. Love. IT. You are on fire with your crafts at the moment! How you have the time I do not know! xxx

  2. Ha ha tbh neither do I! I tend to craft like when I'm watching movies or box sets so I just spent most of my free nights getting on with it. :)


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