200 - The wreath!

November 11, 2011
So it's my 200th post! Holy cow! And I thought it was worthy of something special. So here's my Christmas wreath.

So this was my inspiration for my wreath! I had a lot of ones I would have liked to make (and may do in later years) but I liked the look of this one the best.

Last weekend I went out and bought a jigsaw for like £1.20 from Poundstretchers, some green paint, some green glitter paint and some lovely Christmas ribbon. I used the box from my huge Amazon craft books order to make the base of the wreath. I also had to purchase a glue gun. Well I didn't need to, but obviously it made it a lot easier. I managed to go until the last thing I needed to glue until I squirted it all over my fingers. Ouch!

After all that, I'm really happy with the result (even if I did have to paint 45 pieces of jigsaw 3 times!).

My Christmas wreath

Totally love it and another thing ticked off the Christmas make list.

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