199 - Derby birthday cards.

November 10, 2011
So, as you know I do roller derby, and we have a lovely thing called the birthday fund. Basically everyone who wants to take part chips in some money and we put together a lovely birthday gift bag for them.

As I have some crafty skills, I offered to make the birthday cards for this year's birthday fund.

So we decided this a while ago but I couldn't really blog about it until I'd given the first person their card. And here it is.

Derby birthday card

My aim is to try and do something different for everyone. Phew! It's going to be a lot of cards. I've made the next card too (a nice embroidered one which I love), but obviously I can't show you it till it is given to the derby girl in question.

So it may look like I've not been crafting, but really I have and it's just things I can't show you.


  1. AWh I love this idea! So nice to have such a community! xx

  2. I think we just got the cards like personal printed before, Moon Pig style, but I fancied getting my craft on like a lot :D


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