196 - Christmas!

So, obviously I've had quite a few Halloween posts going up over the past week. But while my blog may have been going all spooky, I have most definitely been crafting purely for Christmas.

So let's take a peak at what I've done over the past week or so.

Christmas card

Christmas card

Tree decoration

Christmas card

I also have a card and a decoration which are almost finished, so hopefully should get those up over the next couple of days. Phew!

I've made a decision regarding Christmas, and it's one that makes me feel better and worse at the same time. I've got all my cards mapped out, and I've got my kit for my cake skirt, I know which wreath I'm making and I've chosen a cake. The problem is...tree decorations.

I had plans for making as many as I could make, but it turns out, I probably left it too late in the year, and now I don't have as much time left as I would like. I bought some Christmas craft books, which are full of ornaments I would like to make, teamed with the list I found on Pinterest of 101 ideas of things to make.

So I've decided, the only decorations I'm going to make are ones I get in kits, purely because it will prevent a million trips back and forward to the craft shop in the next week and stress when I don't finish things/can't make the things I want. Plus there are some big pieces (like some Xmas bunting) that I know I wouldn't have the time to make even if I didn't have other stuff to be doing.

I just got some lovely baubles free in Cross Stitcher today, and I'm getting some more free in another magazine in a couple of week. I've also finished 5 and have another 2 to finish, so I should still have lots. The only ones I might make that aren't from a kit will be some salt dough ones, purely because I already have my Xmas cookie cutters and making the dough is easy. I think one of New Year's resolutions for next year is going to involve making Christmas things throughout the year. I look forward to it!

So while my tree may not be over the top homemade this year, next year I should have more decorations than I know what to do with!

Finally, we had to move around our bedroom a little due to my clothes being in front of the windows and getting badly faded. The rails are now pretty much blocking out the bookcase in our bedroom, so I moved all my craft books into the living room. They look very pretty!


All my Cath Kidston books look very nice together. I think I have too many craft books, though I have asked for another few for Christmas. Tsk.


  1. Hi,
    2 things - firstly you can never have too many books & secondly you can never have too many crafting books!! I for one love them, books, art books, craft books, I even have one on paper craft that I LOVE!
    I am a great fan of the home-made Christmas hints, I make all of my cards, have been known to make a lot of my gifts & gift wrap & I remember one year with my 2 younger brothers (as ma hates tinsel & I agree) & ma sitting on the floor in front of the fire with hundreds of pieces of popcorn & sewing them together in place of tinsel - fun & rather 'vintage' looking.
    Happy crafting! x

  2. Ha ha yeah I do have rather a lot of books (normal and crafty ones :P) so I defo know what you mean :).

    I think when I get better I'll defo make a start on making people's gifts but that might have to wait till next year :P x

  3. WOW! You put me to shame Kim! I'm proper slacking! I too heard about salt dough decorations so reckon I might crack on with them, altho not sure what paint to use? xxx

  4. Ha ha I've realised how close it is to Xmas and I'm FREAKING OUT! So not going to make all the things I want to make :(. Bad times.

    I read sharpies are really good to use on salt dough decorations...or maybe poster paint? I just bought some green stuff for my wreath but that's the only poster paint I have so not sure. I've never made them before so I'll give it a bash and see what happens. There are loads of ideas for them on Pinterest so one must say which paint to use.


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