193 - My Halloween Costume

October 31, 2011
So somehow this year I ended up with three costumes! Phew, not sure how that happened.

Costume 1 - The Unicorn.

At work we had decided to dress up as red and white unicorns. Our company's new sort of logo is a unicorn, and the colours are red and white, so we went with the company theme.



This is also one of the slogans from our work's unicorn poster. We had to make the horns ourself, but dressing in red and white was quite easy. Also lead to a lot of horn jokes and a lot of poking other people in the face/neck.

Costume 2 - Poor man's cat.

I was helping out at a roller derby bout on Saturday evening, so some of us were dressing up a little. I decided to go as a black and white cat (I do have ears and a tail on) to be dressed up a little and also to support the boy as it was his first time reffing in public.


Costume 3 - Marty Mcfly.

This was obviously my main costume and I wore it to my mate's Halloween party on Saturday night. Most people knew what I was after I told them, but only one person (Martin, who is awesome) got who I was right away. 


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