192 - The pumpkin!

October 30, 2011
So this year I ended up making two pumpkins! One at work and my own one at home.

At work we were split into group for costumes/pumpkin making. As we had decided to dress as unicorns for a costume, we decided to carve ourselves a unicorn too. Working from a picture I found on flickr, this was my attempt.



We had some "not nice" comments about what it was actually supposed to be, but I think we did quite well. We only had an hour, but most people still said they couldn't see what it was supposed to be. A pacman pumpkin won. So obvious!

Tonight I carved my own pumpkin which is now sitting proudly outside my door! :)



Hopefully nothing bad happens to him. I'm not used to putting my pumpkins outside, I usually keep them safe indoors!


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