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October 22, 2011
So on Thursday I went to London with work, just for the one day. It was a lot of travelling, and confirmed my suspicions that I do get travel sick. I have to say, it was one of the worst days of my working life, for a number of reasons, but I found a Krispy Kreme doughnut stand! Day made. I love maple doughnuts and you basically can't get them in Scotland without custard in them. Gross!


Yesterday me and mama Pixxie went out for afternoon tea. I asked for the salmon sandwiches but unfortunately they were fresh salmon and not like the cooked stuff (yes I am not posh at all). So I ate like half of one and then just had the cream cheese on the other one. Still nom though. We also had macaroons (first one ever for me), scones with cream and jam and cupcakes. Nom! Also had the day off work which was awesome.

My mum also brought me an awesome present! She works in a nursery and often mums and dads bring in bags of things for the kids to do arts and craft with. Well one mum brought in a huge bag of thread and beads which had these lovely skeins of ANCHOR thread in them. Two multi-tonal ones and a white one! Amazing!

Today I have been quite lazy, though I did go and buy some large knitting needles to start my first project in my Stitch 'n Bitch book. No wool yet though, so I'll have to wait to start it. I also made a card which I can't show you just yet. Now I'm off to watch the X Factor and possibly order some foods.


  1. love, sorry to hear such a shite day. Hope you are a okay now. What a lovely pressie! Hope you are getting on okay with your needles. I just bought myself a cat needle carrier....it.is.amazing!

  2. Wow that does sound amazing! I bought 12mm needles for knitting a chunky scarf. They are huge! I also got some xmas print ones free in a magazine which are awesome. Yeah I do not like travelling, I don't cope well in Ldondon either. SO busy!

  3. Mmmmm afternoon tea is my favourite. You are inspiring me to get my knitting stuff out again! x

  4. I'd never had afternoon tea till then! was so good! Oh god I need to get better at knitting :P It's my dream and it annoys me I'm not good at it right away :P


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